A complete range of underground parking garage ramp heating installation, diagnotic and repair services

NRH – Nicholson Ramp Heat are licensed electrical contractors specializing in inspection and repair of ramp heating and heated walkways on commercial, residential or industrial properties.  Property owners, managers and condo corporations can save money, time out of service and inconvenience by having routine maintenance completed on their underground parking ramp and snow melting systems each year. We offer complete fault diagnosis, repair and restoration services for townhome complexes, condominium complexes, multi-unit residential buildings, parking garages (above or below ground) and other structures.

  • Snow Melting Systems
    Electric heated snow melting systems used to melt snow on any surface. Parking garage ramps, walkways, patios on ashphalt, concrete or interlock stone.

  • Heating Cable Installations & Repairs
    Installation of heating cables. Location and repair of damaged cables that causing premature failure of the snow melting system

  • Infrared Inspections
    A fault or damaged cable can be easily detected with a simple Infrared (Thermal) scan. The area of concern can now be carefully excavated, repaired and repatched.

  • Pipe Tracing
    Pipe Tracing (heat tracing) is commonly used to ensure that fluids within pipes and piping systems are maintained above ambient temperatures to prevent feeezing.

  • System Design, Installation & Diagnostic Testing
    Full snow melting system design and installtion in poured concrete, asphalt, interlocking pavers or retrofit projects. Diagnostic testing of snow melting systems for optimum performance.

  • Snow Sensing Controls
    Aerial or in-ground sensors used with snow melting controls to automatically detect snow or ice on a parking gargeg ramp, driveway or walkway

  • Ramp Coatings & Crack Sealing
    Specialized ramp coatings and sealers to protect concrete exposed to high levels of salt, moisture, and freeze-thaw conditions. Crack sealing to maintain structural integrity and prevent water damage.

  • Replacement Trench Grates
    Service and manufacture of custom replacement trench grates to fit existing frame or opening. Trench drain gates will prevent large debris from entering the drainage system.