Case Studies

Ramp Replacement
1250 King Street, Toronto, ON

Project Description

The client is a well-known condominium management company in Toronto who had an existing ramp that was deteriorating due to age. There were many faults in the cables and the tenants were having difficulties in the winter getting up and down the ramp, which was causing many accidents. We assessed the situation and noted that the extensive faulty cables and the advanced stages of deterioration would require a full replacement of the ramp. This process included the removal of the existing concrete topping, replacement with a new heating cable system with energy saving automatic snow sensor controls and topping the ramp with a more energy efficient asphalt. The full replacement of this ramp took approximately 2 weeks to complete and it included the refurbishing of the concrete tranches and trench grates. The replacement of the ramp has improved the health and safety for the tenants, but also aesthetically enhanced the appearance of the liberty village condominium complex.

Project Features

  • Concrete removal
  • Energy efficient asphalt
  • Advanced snow sensor controller
  • Ramp Heating System
  • Trench work
  • Energy efficient design