Case Studies

Ramp Replacement and Heated Walkway
Intrawest Property, Collingwood, ON

Project Description

The client was the owner of firehall pizza Co. They needed help with their rear loading dock The existing cables were sub-standard and the full replacement was required to have the ramp working properly in an area that saw harsh winter conditions for many months of the year. In collaboration with their engineer and our stone paving Sub contractor We completed a full replacement and the work included the removal of the existing interlocking stone, installing the ramp heating system and snow sensor controllers and adding a new retaining wall. There was a walkway connecting the loading dock to a public restroom that also required heating, and this involved the removal of the interlocking stone and then an installation of a base lift of concrete before installing the heating system. We covered the cables with sand and replaced the interlocking stone. The client was very pleased with the job and the resort employees were thrilled to have their health and safety looked after as they had to travel back and forth along the loading dock during the winter months.

Project Features

  • Advanced snow sensor controller
  • Ramp Heating System
  • Energy efficient design
  • Interlocking stone replacement
  • Retaining walls
  • Heated sidewalk