Case Studies

Pipe Tracing
Residential Condominium, Finch Avenue, ON

Project Description

The client was having issues the previous winter with pipes bursting in the underground parking garage, causing severe damage to the structure as well as tenants property. We performed an assessment and noted that the cables had not been tested in many years. There were numerous faulty cables found which caused fire lines in the underground to burst. First we removed the bad cables by removing the insulation and unstrapping the cables from the pipe, then we installed the new, self-regulating, pipe-trace cable which will prevent any such temperature related problems in the future. The client was very satisfied with the problem solving and solution they received and the tenants can feel at ease knowing their vehicles will be safe from any future damage.

Please Note: NRH encourages a yearly assessment of all cables to avoid such detrimental age and weather related problems

Project Features

  • Pipe tracing
  • Fault finding
  • Removal of faulty cable
  • Cable installation
  • Damage prevention