Case Studies

New Ramp – Allstate Building
1234 Simcoe Street, Toronto

Project Description

The client was a restoration company hired to upgrade and refurbish an office building of about 20 years old with a 3800 sq. ft. ramp that did not have an existing heating system. We worked in collaboration with the engineering firm and was integral to the designing of the electrical feeder, leading to the development of an energy efficient ramp that was integral to the refurbishment of the building. We supplied and installed a new ramp heating system with snow sensor controls and the job was completed in one week, satisfying the engineer who was working under very tight deadlines. We will maintain a great professional relationship with both the engineering firm and their contracted asphalt company.

Project Features

  • Advanced snow sensor controller
  • Ramp Heating System
  • Electrical design expertise
  • Energy efficient design