Case Studies

Heated Roof of Institution
1234 Simcoe Street, Toronto

Project Description

The client, The Canadian Forces College located in uptown Toronto was having problems with hazardous ice falling from the 3rd stories of one of their campus buildings. The initial call was for an expert assessment. We proceeded to assess the site and noted the dangerous pooling of water on the roof, building rather large and dangerous icicles. We proceeded with installing a complete heating system on the roof which included heating portions of the roof, gutters and downspouts to maintain a consistent flow of water, therefore eliminating the hazard. The client was very pleased with the efficiency of the job and the ability to provide complete health and safety to the students of the very important institution, as well as the prevention and protection the structure from future ice buildup.

Project Features

  • Advanced snow sensor controller
  • Heating System
  • Energy efficient design
  • Protection and prevention of structural deterioration
  • Gutter and downspout protection