Case Studies

Heating Cable Repair
Residential Condominium Complex, Oakville, ON

Project Description

The client owns a three-building condominium complex with two exit and entrance ramps. They approached us for an inspection due to snow buildup on their ramps. We assessed the ramps and noted the obvious signs of damage and snow buildup and were able to confirm the ramps repairable. Using our infrared scanning and other fault locating equipment we located the faults in 4 cables the in the ramp(s) then proceeded to jack-hammer the asphalt surface which exposed the faulty cable, allowing us to make the necessary repairs. The repairs to both ramps took approximately one week to complete and the client was very pleased to only need to repair the ramps instead of a full replacement.

Project Features

  • Infrared scanning
  • Fault Locating
  • Heating cable repair
  • Advanced snow sensor controller
  • Ramp Heating System
  • Energy efficient design